About Me

I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of details about my life. I do, however, want to share two of the biggest struggles that I’ve had on my spiritual journey.

Early on, I struggled intensely with establishing the intellectual credibility of Christianity. That sent me on a lifelong study of Christian apologetics. (I didn’t even know that such a field of study existed until I stumbled across the first book that I read on the topic.) Since then, I’ve read plenty of books, attended many lectures, and worked through a lot of my doubts…but not all of them. (After all, I still need something to engage my mind.)

The other big struggle that I’ve faced along my spiritual journey is a sense of emotional disconnection from God. That troubles me deeply. And though I’ve worked through much of what that’s about (and I hope to share some of my findings with you, too), I look forward to the day when that sense of disconnection is a thing of the past. Probably, for me, that will be in eternity.

Sure, there’s more that I could say about these matters and other topics. But, I guess, that’s the whole reason for having a blog. And it’s my sincere hope that you’ll find something useful here.


Kerry & Janice at Soda Lake (2019)


Over my years of ministry, I’ve developed a number of resources to help people with their own spiritual and relational growth. You will find some of these resources on this page. (I’m giving them to you for free.)

I’ve done a lot of work in helping people to heal and grow after experiencing trauma, including helping addicts and alcoholics achieve sobriety.

I’ve worked in Cambodia with survivors of sex trafficking and abuse (13 visits). And I’ve been to Africa twice, where I taught AIDS orphans about recovering from trauma.

During my many trips to southern Mexico, I’ve not only shared the gospel there but also have trained women in how to minister to survivors of abuse.

Of course, the bulk of my work has been here in America, serving three different congregations here.

Here’s where you can get free access to my marriage enrichment course. Use this coupon code at checkout YOUGET100OFF to get free access to my conflict management course (great for churches and organizations).

Be sure to check out the other great resources on this site, including whole sermon series and Bible discussion guides available for purchase.

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First Steps to Jesus

If you want a better understanding of how to become a Christian, this website is a good place to start. 

“Healing for the Wounded Heart”

I wrote this book during my mission work serving survivors of human trafficking and sexual abuse. Here’s what one reader says about it.

The author, Kerry Decker, has spent many years working with survivors of human trafficking and organizations that serve them.

Many survivors of abuse have not experienced sexual slavery, but they know what it’s like to be prisoners in dysfunctional families or relationships. They know what it’s like to be imprisoned by their own guilt and shame.

All abuse wounds the heart, whether it involves a single incidence or sexual enslavement. However, God has healing for the wounded heart. May He bless you on your journey to healing and recovery.” —Carrie T.

This free download is available in English and Spanish.


“Foundations” is a series of 39 Christian discipleship lessons that I wrote. You can use them for self-study or as a discussion guide in your small group or Sunday school class. They’re available in English and Spanish.