You probably have seen this meme (apart from the title that I added). It’s a clever way that woke politicians and Social Justice Warriors communicate their understanding of equity.

I always get nervous whenever I hear politicians and social justice warriors (SJWs) talking about equity. And you should, too. Here’s why.

Equity is a buzzword for SJWs.

Most people have a pretty good understanding of equality as meaning equal opportunity. But when it comes to the term equity, the average person thinks this word roughly means the same as equality. Not by a long shot!

While equality means equal opportunity, equity means equal outcomes. At least that’s what it means to SJWs, as cleverly depicted in the above meme. All spectators standing at the ballpark fence get to see the baseball game unobstructed when equity is applied. Everyone’s happy. (Can’t you also see that as depicted in the meme?)

So, what’s the big problem?

Who owns the crates?

My first question when considering this meme is: Who owns the crates?

After all, if each spectator—Tall Man, Middle Man and Pee Wee—brought their own crate, then whose responsibility is it that Pee Wee can’t see the game? Looks like each got the precise outcome that he deserved.

Of course, Pee Wee can’t be faulted if he’s just a widdle kid who doesn’t know any better about how to plan and prepare for watching baseball games at the fence. But this meme isn’t about widdle kids. It’s about full-grown adults. And as such, this meme is deceptive propaganda in the hands of SJWs.

Question: If you’re a SJW, how do you achieve equity? Answer: See the meme’s hidden character. (He’s not a very likable person.)

Representative I. Know-Best (D, CA)

Rep. I. Know-Best (D, CA) tells Tall Man in no uncertain terms: “Pee Wee needs your crate more than you do, so we’re taking it from you!” And there’s nothing Tall Man can do about such tyranny, because Rep. I. Know-Best (D, CA) now has the full force of law behind him. SJWs abhor law enforcement, until they’re the ones in power. Then they love wielding the club of the law to achieve their means.

Here’s another fact about SJWs.

SJWs are experts at redistributing crates in the name of equity. Why? Because they’ve donned the mantle of we know best. End of discussion.

But what’s so wrong about helping the underprivileged?

What’s so wrong with helping those who are crate-deficient? Nothing, if that’s what you want to do with your crate. But you should have the freedom to make that decision yourself without good ol’ Rep. I. Know-Best breathing down your neck.

It’s obvious. Tall Man enjoys his Height Privilege. And he’s so used to seeing the world from his elevated status that he has no idea what it’s like to be a Pee Wee. But is being a Pee Wee truly a liability? Why use discourse to reinforce this stereotype over and over? Isn’t this just another way to socialize pee wees into thinking that they truly are inferior?

So at the ballpark, Pee Wee confronts Tall Man saying: “Give me your crate because I’m a pee wee”? Should Tall Man, then, surrender his crate on this basis and because Pee Wee demands it? No!

Pee Wee has no idea about the work and sacrifices that Tall Man has made to get his crate. Just because Pee Wee thinks he’s entitled to Tall Man’s crate because he’s a pee wee doesn’t mean that he should get it. Wouldn’t this be just a new form of privileged thinking, the privilege of victimhood? And when Rep. I. Know-Best starts using the law to oppress all tall men precisely because they’re tall, he’s promoting prejudice and helping a new world of systemic heightism to emerge. Oh, the law of unintended consequences! But such unintended consequences are inevitable with social engineering at this level.

Memes, particularly clever ones like Pee Wee at the Ballpark, often bypass critical analysis. They get posted over and over again on social media and the internet. Few people will take time to think critically about them.

Here are some important questions to consider about the Pee Wee at the Ballpark meme:

  • If true justice is giving to each person his or her due, what is Pee Wee due?
  • Does Tall Man owe Pee Wee his crate just because Pee Wee is short through no fault of his own?
  • Is being short an inherent liability that needs remedial intervention by the government?
  • Oh, and what access to the ballgame is owed to fence spectators anyway?
  • Does Rep. I. Know-Best (D, CA) really know best? Or is he just posturing with some political power-play to appear that he’s defending the moral high ground?
  • Finally, will Rep. I. Know-Best (D, CA) give his skybox seats to Tall Man, Middle Man, and Pee Wee? Yeah, when that happens, I might actually become a fan of equity as defined by wokism.

Yes, I get really nervous whenever SJWs, especially politicians, start talking about equity. And so should you. For when these folks go on and on about equity, they will soon leverage people’s natural feelings of envy and victimization to accomplish their nefarious agenda—not the betterment of society but transformation of it guided by the defective principles of wokism.