Kerry Decker

Pastor • Life Coach • Designer • Apologist

Life Coaching



  • Hayward, CA
  • Riverside, CA

Graphic Design

  • University of California, Riverside
  • University of California, Davis
  • Ovation Graphics

My Story

Showing a talent for drawing and painting early in life, I wanted to be an artist. However, the big questions of life are what captivated me, so I began exploring those in my teen years.

I grew up in a nominally Christian home and thought Christians were silly to believe what they did. So, I didn’t give much thought to following Christ.

Then, I began exploring Christianity more seriously and eventually put my faith in Christ. And have been serving in the ministry since 1976.

After becoming a Christian, I set out to learn why I believed what I believed or quit believing it.  Through my studies, I found a reasonable faith.

 I like sharing my spiritual discoveries with others. And I still enjoy the visual arts.



Ever doubted God? Ever wonder why if Christianity is so great it doesn’t work better for Christians? I have. Questions like these and dozens of others have shaped my faith journey. My doubts spurred me into a study of Christian apologetics. My questions about Christian living motivated my examination of spiritual formation and recovery ministries. My desire to make a difference led me into ministry and mission work. It’s my hope that you’ll find some value from the content on this site.

"Soda Lake Barn"