God’s to Blame


The other day, I ran across a quote by an author who goes by the nom de plume “The Hippie.” She writes: “I started wondering if God really existed. The world seemed …

God Didn’t Give Me What I Wanted!


I have a confession to make. There have been times in my life when I’ve resented God for not giving me what I wanted. I think I’m not alone in struggling like this. …

The Skeptic’s Secret Ninja Move


There’s a secret ninja move (or so it’s thought) that atheists and skeptics like to use when discussing God and creation. It’s supposed to drop you dead in your tracks …

God, Punk Rock, and Consequences


Ethan loves punkrock. And he struggles with questions about God, particularly why God would create a world like this. I empathize. So I convinced Ethan to play a little …


It’s Crazy


Atheism celebrates rationality. It praises the deliverances of the mind, particularly the scientific mind. Atheism relishes truth and free thought.

Atheism, however, undermines the very rationality that it celebrates and destroys truth and freedom of thought.

The Lies We Believe


Certain lies are blatant and easy to detect. We’re not fooled by them. But others are subtler and more difficult to recognize. They worm their way into families, societies, and even our own souls, destroying us from the inside out. …


When Relationships Go Sideways


Most relationships don’t start off sideways. Many end up that way.

It’s easy to think that you know why things go wrong …


Can Liberal Democracy Survive the Islamic State?


Before we get too deep into considering this question, I want to clarify terms. By “liberal democracy,” I mean the type of government that exists in many countries in the West, including America, where the rights of the individual are enshrined in law—in other words, a constitutional democracy. …

Do You Think That I’m Going to Hell?


The other night, I was watching a YouTube discussion between a Christian apologist and a skeptical university student. Her question to him was: “Do you think that I’m going to hell?” Their exchange went back and forth for a few minutes.

Life In The Aftermath


Some people live in the pursuit. They pursue dreams of happy relationships, meaningful careers and fulfilling lives. Nothing wrong with that.

However, circumstances don't always cooperate with our pursuits. …

Baptism: Too Important to Overlook


Christians disagree about baptism. They disagree over how it should be done. They disagree when it should be done. And they disagree about why it should be done. But just because Christians disagree about baptism doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t study what the Bible says about it. …

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