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Don't let the hair fool you. I'm innovative, creative, energetic, and visionary. I know how to craft ministry strategies that work. (As for the hair, my mom started going gray at age eighteen. I inherited her genes.)

I've beenministering since 1976 and haveserved two churches—one for 13 years and another for 23 years. I understand long-term commitments and am able to problem-solve and work through difficulties.

As an ordained Pastor in the Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, I have a passion for communicating the gospel in a clear and engaging way. And I enjoy helping those who are grappling with the tough questions about life and faith. My own intellectual journey and life experiences have equipped me for this task.

Furthermore, I know how to guide broken lives into healing. And I enjoy walking alongside those who are seeking recovery, as well as helping the exploited to find justice. My book Healing for the Wounded Heart will give you a flavor of this dimension of my ministry. Download a copy for yourself. Use it in your own ministry.